Club History

In 1962 an informal kick around was held at Smith Park in Hamilton.  It was organised by Italian newcomers with a mutual affection for the game. The small group realising their passion took a proposal to the local federation, and in 1963 Hamilton Azzurri was born.

Adamstown Oval, Broadmeadow show ground, Charlestown Oval, and Whitebridge Oval all saw action before the team settled at Whitebridge Oval and renamed it Lisle Carr, the home of Azzurri.

Continuing with ambition, the club expanded in the 1970’s with the purchase of Highfields Bowling Club.  Hamilton Azzurri was then renamed Highfields Azzurri, but would later go on to become Azzurri FC in 2006.

Unfortunately 2009 saw significant disappointment for the Italian club, with an FFA directive forcing the club into a name change.

Following the 2009/10 merger with Charlestown United we were renamed Charlestown City Blues.

Against the odds, following significant losses in sponsorship revenues, and players, the Blues went on to win the 2nd division premiership in 2009. Unfortunately for Azzurri this was the first time in NNSW history there was no provision for promotion or relegation.

Azzurri (Charlestown City Blues) were reintroduced to the NNSW top flight in 2011.

The legend that is Azzurri continues...

Forza azzurri