Club Profile

Charlestown City Blues was formed after the merger of Azzurri FC and Charlestown United in 2009, but with the Italian legacy still having a strong hold on the clubs identity, many still refer to the club as Azzurri.

Much of the Italian community still stand in support of the club, awarding generous sponsorships.  This is most notably reflected in our continuing partnership with Club Azzurri.

We boast a long proud history of success since the clubs inception in 1963.  Many great players have come up through our junior ranks, and many more have enjoyed the experience we offer.

Over the years the club has emerged as a powerhouse in local football, often achieving great success against the odds.  It has also evolved into a proud multicultural club, with everybody embracing the rich history.

In 2017 we have a strong, new, inclusive committee, which is determined to provide the platform required to serve the clubs competitive National Premiere League ambitions for this season, and longer term.

The future is sky blue...FORZA AZZURRI!!