22nd July 2019
By Roger Steel

Charlestown City Blues F.C. is delighted to announce our club will register under the playing name of Charlestown Azzurri F.C. for the 2020 playing season.   

Our club was formed by members of Newcastle’s Italian community in 1963.  The Italian word Azzurri simply means the colour blue in English. 

With the recent announcement of FFA’S ‘Inclusivity Principles for Club Identity’, we can once again proudly call ourselves Azzurri.  

It is important to state, while we are very proud of our club’s Italian roots, we welcome people from every culture at our club.  Australia is one of the most successful examples of a multicultural nation in which we are proud to be a part.  

Charlestown will continue to play in the colour blue.  We have engaged the services of a graphic designer to prepare a new club crest.   Our new crest will be modern while capturing our heritage.  Already the club has consulted our coaches, managers, committee and some of our senior players about the new design.  We will ask long serving life members, involved with the club since 1963, to make the final choice of crest. 

We look forward to revealing the new club crest and playing strip in the coming months. 

Spectators cheering ‘Forza Azzurri’  literally means ‘Strength Blues’ in English.  Feel free to cheer Forza Azzurri at your next game.  

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